The Event Sign Series

Our event/sponsor sign series is the most unique sign you will ever see.  It is designed to hold an 8 1/2″x11″ sheet of paper, hard stock or even laminated.  So now you never have to purchase a new sign for new events or sponsors!  Make your own message, insert it in our event/sponsor sign and you are ready.  No hassle. No waiting for a manufactured sign and you get the sign just the way you want.  You can use our signs inside or outside to recognize sponsors, post messages, change menus, describe plants, flowers, sale items, the list is endless.  But you get more!  These signs can be used to display your message in either landscape or portrait view with no extra hardware.  The sign can be staked in the ground, mounted on a wall or attached to a door.  And you have the ability to display a message on both sides!  That is double your message at half the cost.  And this sign also comes in a dry erase version.  Now you can make or write your own message how you want, when you want as many times as you want – for just one cost! 

4 in 1 Sign Display!
• Holds 10 sheets
• Horizontal Display
• Vertical Display
• Multi-Use Base Holder

Event Sign

The Event Sign is double-sided and can accept a plain, card stock, or laminated sheet of 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper in both sides.  It can also be mounted in either portrait or landscape, and can be used as an in-ground sign or inserted into our base station for use as a tabletop attraction. Also available in our Dry Erase version.

Base Station

The Base Station accepts our standard stake which can have our Event Sign or our Standard Sign mounted on it.  On one side is a recess for business cards and on the other a recess for notes or pamphlets.  There are two pen cradles for convenience.

Event Series Products