Accessories & Extensions

In many cases, a sign doesn’t need to be at ankle height. That is why we offer two (2) stake extensions. Stake extension 1 (regular) is 22″ with the total height of our plate signs.  That is the perfect height for a golf cart & wheelchair.  Stake extension 2 (long) is 28″ extend our signs. Because of our unique design, our stake extension fits our mounting stake for any sign and any event/sponsor sign making your messages more visible than anyone else and your sponsors happier.  And here is a big plus.  Because our mounting stake already has a rope clip, you can now have a rope stake by combining the stake and the extension.  No extra hardware needed and no purchase of a one-time, one-use rope stake.  Plus you can mount a sign on our rope stake!  There is no product out there that can do all this for less cost.  And what’s more, the stake extension can also be used with our proximity marker sign on the tee, fairway or green to mark the longest drive, closest to the pin, longest putt and more.