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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Golf Course

With many golf courses throughout the US shutting down over the winter months, it’s important for maintenance teams to take advantage of down time in the fall. Yes, golf course maintenance is a daily, year-round task, but there are several fall-specific tasks you should focus on to give your course a head start when it opens back up in the spring.

Obviously, each course is going to have their own unique set of needs and challenges, so these tips may vary, but here are some general tips to keep in mind:

Make repairs on the course and buildings – take time to repair things such as course maintenance equipment and broken items in the various course buildings. Spend a slow fall day walking around the entire property and making a list of things that need to be fixed. Combine the lists and delegate tasks so that everyone can stay organized and on top of the to-do items.

Practice leaf removal – While this may seem like a never ending task, it’s important for turf health and a better guest experience. If your team has a daily leaf removal schedule, try to remove leaves when the course is quiet. Leaf blowers and rakes may interrupt golfers and result in complaints. You can even post a leaf removal schedule in the clubhouse so golfers are aware of when the removal maintenance occurs.

Make sure irrigation system is winterized – You don’t want any surprises when spring rolls around. Check the irrigation systems before winter and make sure they are properly drained. Also, make sure the water lines are insulated properly to prevent freezing and breaking of the pipes.

Control where golfers and carts travel – This is another one that’s important year round depending on weather conditions and course conditions, but keep golfers and carts off of areas that have seen a lot of usage. Many courses will implement a cart path only policy more frequently in the fall because turf that is going dormant is much more susceptible to damage.

Take inventory – Whether it’s golf cart parts, cart direction signs, trash cans, or fertilizer, take inventory of what you have on hand and start ordering those products so you’re ready come spring golf.

As a golf course maintenance team, it’s up to you to keep your course beautiful and playable. Being proactive on fall maintenance will help setup your course for success the following year.

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