Fundraising Signs

Every organization is looking for ways to raise funds for a worthy cause, using minimal investment and limited manpower.  We have worked with non-profit groups, schools, town festivals and even golf club outings to customize signs to highlight the group, memorialize a person, and popularize the event.  These signs are a long-lasting tribute and can be used year-after-year to spread your word about the benefits of your organization. This is a low-impact way to get your event recognized throughout the area because we do the work and you get the benefit.  Our non-profit and fundraising programs are tailor made to meet your organization’s goals.

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Raising Money

Our signs are great for raising money for your local team, school, community, or non-profit. Customize your message through our built in software. If you’re needing additional design or support needs, please reach out to us! 
We offer price breaks on bulk orders and pre-orders. We’re happy to mock up designs for you to showcase for your event. 

The benefit of our signs is that they’re long-lasting, weatherproof, durable, affordable and 2-sided! Contact us today!

Fundraising Events

Whether it’s a marathon, bake sale, a sports event, or a school fair, these signs will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression year after year. Why pay for flimsy signs that need to be replaced frequently when you can have strong, high quality, 2-sided, tall, short or even table top (check out our event series) sign?

Our event directional features, including attached rope clip making the stakes one-of-a-kind sign holder + rope stake, with various heights. These types of features make it easy for volunteers and staff to have multiple options for various needs throughout the year. Not only that, but the sign display, themselves are visible and clear for students, parents, and guests to navigate their way through event venues and locate specific areas of interest. 

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