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Press Release : New Product Category – Fundraisers

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023 See Innovations Inc, a leading provider of innovative signage solutions, is thrilled to announce their launch of custom signage specifically designed to cater to the needs of school fundraisers and events. Their versatile signs offer weatherproof, non-fading vinyl on high quality HDPE material, with easy to install stakes and extensions, made right here in the USA. The versatility goes beyond ‘team support’; the signs are also great for directional capabilities for bake sales, marathons and more, ensuring a seamless experience for participants and attendees alike for those yearly events.

On the fundraising side; whether it be for youth soccer or a community booster club, See Innovations Inc is wanting to rally behind these types of organizations and help bring quality, long-lasting signs to yards, fields, and beyond. With See Innovations custom design experience and capabilities through their online store, one can upload their team’s logo or social entities design with just a few clicks. They also offer design services.

See Innovations Inc signs also showcase dual purpose; sign holder and rope clip, making the stakes a one-of-a-kind rope stake, with various heights (called extensions). These types of features make it easy for volunteers and staff to have multiple options for various needs throughout the year. Not only that, but the sign displays themselves are visible and clear for students, parents, and guests to navigate their way through event venues and locate specific areas of interest.

“We are excited to bring our expertise in signage solutions to the realm of school fundraisers and events,” said Bob Kocer, CEO of See Innovations Inc. “Our aim is to provide schools with innovative and visually appealing signage options that not only serve their practical purpose but also add a touch of professionalism and engagement to their events. With our new product category, we are confident that schools will elevate their fundraising efforts and create memorable experiences for attendees.”

See Innovations Inc is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their expertise in producing durable, weather-resistant materials ensures that these signs can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor events, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

School administrators, parent-teacher associations, and event coordinators can now rely on See Innovations Inc to enhance their fundraising initiatives and school events. To learn more about their innovative signage solutions and explore customization options, visit

About See Innovations Inc:
See Innovations Inc is a leading provider of cutting-edge signage solutions, offering a wide range of customizable products. With a focus on innovation and exceptional design, the company is committed to providing clients with signage that meets their specific requirements across various industries.

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