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Why Your Outdoor Business Should Be Using Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signage is any type of sign that gives directions. They exist to help a guest or customer find their way without lengthy explanations or complicated maps. Wayfinding signs are a critical tool for businesses with an outdoor component, like a park, greenhouse, farm, or a golf course. They’re designed so guests can easily navigate through your facility and find their way around your property.

They tell guests which way to go, so they don’t get lost or have to waste time trying to figure everything out on their own. They also help communicate your brand’s message and promote your business on social media.

Other than the obvious “they help people find their way”, here are some of the in-depth benefits of using wayfinding signs for your outdoor business:

  • Provide your guests with a safe and efficient way to navigate your property and improve their overall experience.
  • Eliminate frustration by ensuring your guests can find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.
  • Communicate your company’s brand values and mission through thoughtful design and unique messaging.
  • They prevent guests from entering hazardous areas and reduce the chance of accidents on your property.
  • They prevent guests from venturing into employee-only areas of your business.
  • Promote your events and offerings by directing guests where they need to go next and encouraging repeat visits.
  • Directional signs navigate guests to exits, not only for when they’re leaving but for emergency purposes, power failures, or in bad weather evacuations.

As you can see, directional signs, or wayfinding signage, provide a number of benefits for businesses and their guests. If you’re a business owner with an outdoor area that needs extra guidance, you might want to consider implementing wayfinding signs to help improve the safety and efficiency of your facility.

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